The Glowy Vitamin C Serum Behind Connie Britton’s ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ Look for Tonight’s Emmys


We’ve said it before, and we’ll shout it again: Sign us up for all the beauty secrets Connie Britton is dishing out. While the 55-year-old White Lotus star’s hair might get the unwavering award for having a large cult-following over the years, tonight’s glowing “no-makeup makeup” look is clearly giving those star strands a run for their money and adding a few more “musts” to our list.

According to Britton’s makeup artist, Kristin Hilton, “Normally, we go a bit smoky on her eyes, but after seeing Connie’s watermelon-pink dress, I wanted to do fresh, luminous, bouncy skin with a flush of cheek and brightness in the eyes.” (Hilton went for a full Beautycounter-fueled lineup; Britton is friends with the founder, Christy Coleman, and had her makeup artist on the set of Nashville always have it in-stock.)

First up: Hilton applied Beautycounter’s All Bright C Serum ($90) “because there’s no better way to brighten the complexion than with a powerful C” serum (this ultra-potent pick has a 10-percent blend of two forms of vitamin C, plus turmeric and camu camu). “I followed that up with the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion ($54), which I always use to prep the skin—it hydrates without leaving a greasy barrier on the skin so it’s perfect under makeup.”

Using a wet Beautycounter Better Blender sponge ($22), Hilton then applied the Skin Twin Foundation ($50) to “create a natural and fresh complexion” with the Skin Twin Concealer ($34). “I wanted to bring a bit of the brightness of her dress into her cheeks, so what better product to use than the Cheeky Clean Cream Blush ($42) in Rosebud; I applied it to the apple of her cheeks to create a gorgeous, juicy glow.”

Also making the makeup cut: Lid Glow Cream Shadow ($27) in Aura and Sepia, followed by Think Big All-In-One Mascara ($30) (a true, rich black), and the Petal Sheer Genius Lipstick ($35) in Petal with a touch of Beyond Gloss ($32) in Peony for a bit of shine.