Eva De Dominici Shares the Moisturizer Hack She Swears By on the Set of “The Cleaning Lady”


For Argentinian model-actress Eva De Dominici, shooting her The Cleaning Lady series in the dry climate of Albuquerque has given way to some very specific skin-care moves.

You’ve had a ton of notable roles—any beauty moments that stick out?

“In The Cleaning Lady pilot, my character Nadia’s first appearance was on a bed covered in feathers…she was wearing an emerald-green corset and garter belt and a slightly smeared makeup after a party she organized. I recall that moment—it was completely beauty, because just with one scene, you could get the essence of the character. And the emerald lingerie the wardrobe team selected for Nadia was absolutely gorgeous and vivid.”

Any skin-care secrets you can share from The Cleaning Lady?

“Before putting a tiny quantity of foundation on the skin my makeup artist, Lisa, applies moisturizer. We both love glowing skin. And, if we have time after lunch, we remove the makeup and do it from scratch—that helps the skin look fresher. I also apply lip balm a lot of times during the day, because the weather in Albuquerque, where we shoot, is very dry and my lips get extra dry all the time! Also, if I have to start shooting super early, I use under-eye hydrating patches. They really do help the bags disappear.”

Any holy-grail beauty products?

“The La Mer Crème de La Mer; I just love it! And I wear the Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask before going to bed the night before shooting.”

Is there anything “crazy” you do for beauty or wellness?

“I drink a lot of water and I count the hours of sleep I get to help not only my brain to function, but also to help my skin look wonderful. Hot yoga is very helpful for my skin as well! I also love doing a homemade mask with Greek plain yogurt, matcha and honey. I put it on my face and neck; I love the fresh feeling.”

What are you excited about this fall?

“I’m super excited about Halloween! I have a three-year-old and I can’t wait to wear our costumes and do trick-or-treat together with my family! I also love going to the pumpkin patch with him. This Halloween, I’m Cat Woman, my boyfriend is Batman and my kid is Robin! Couldn’t be better!”